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June 2013: The Mississippi River and the Man Who First Tamed It in Literature:
Mark Twain

May 2013: Rolling West:
The Story of the American Railways

April 2013: From Print to Digital:
History of American Newspapers

January 2013: Master of B&W Photography:
Ansel Adams

December 2012: Weather Extremes:
Weather Extremes in the USA

October 2012: A Woman in Space:
Interview with Marsha Ivins (video)

September 2012: The National Mall:
The National Mall

August 2012: Pop Art in America:
Pop Art in America

July 2012: American Beaches:
American Beaches

June 2012: The New York Stock Exchange:
The New York Stock Exchange

May 2012: Linguistic Diversity:
Linguistic Diversity

December 2011: States' Nicknames:
States' Nicknames

November 2011: Canyon de Chelly:
Canyon de Chelly

June 2011: The American Flag:
The American Flag

May 2011: Library of Congress:
Library of Congress

April 2011: Painter Frederic Remington:
Frederic Remington

March 2011: College Basketball Championships:
Basketball Championships

January 2011: Super Bowl:
Super Bowl

December 2010: Ignacy Jan Paderewski:
Ignacy Jan Paderewski

November 2010: Highway One:
Highway One

June 2010: Marathon:
Marathon 1

Marathon 2

March 2010: St. Patrick's Day:
St. Patrick's Day

February 2010: American Winter Olympics:
Winter Olympics 1
Winter Olympics
Winter Olympics 2
Winter Olympics 3

January 2010 MUSICAL:
Musical 2

December 2009: Ellis Island:
Ellis Island
Ellis Island 2

November 2009: Thanksgiving:

October 2009: American Birds:
American Birds 1
American Birds 2

September 2009: Home Architecture:
Architecture 1
Architecture 2

July - Aug 2009: The Fourth of July:
Fourth of July 1
Fourth of July 2

May 2009: Law Enforcement:
Law Enforcement 1
Law Enforcement 2

April 2009: San Francisco:
San Francisco 1

San Francisco 2

March 2009: Close Encounters with Wildlife:
Close Encounters with Wildlife
Close Encounters with Wildlife 2

February 2009: The Hottest, The Dries, The Lowest:
Death Valley
Death Valley 2

January 2009: Lights on the Great Lakes:
The Great Lakes 1
The Great Lakes 2

December 2008: Science:
Science 1
Science 2
Science 3

November 2008: American Cars:
American Cars 1
American Cars 2

October 2008: Who Will Be America's 44th President?:
Presidential Elections 1
Presidential Elections 2

September 2008: So Near So Far: Alcatraz:

Summer 2008: Olympic Games:
Summer Olympics

June 2008: Route 66:
Route 66

May 2008: Gold Rush:
Gold Rush 1

Gold Rush 2

April 2008: Movies:
Movies 1
Movies 2

March 2008: Fashion in Retrospect:
Fashion 1

Fashion 2

February 2008: Harlem:
Self-Made Woman
Apollo Theater

January 2008: Coastal States:
Coastal States

December 2007:
Christmas Traditions

Costa Rica

November 2007: Space:
Space 1
Space 2

October 2007: People Who Love Their Job:
People Who Love Their Job 1
People Who Love Their Job 2
People Who Love Their Job 3

September 2007: Hispanic Heritage Month:
Hispanic Heritage Month 1
Hispanic Heritage Month 2

Summer 2007: Assateague & Chincoteague Horses:
Assateague & Chincoteague Horses
At a Horse Auction

June 2007: Summer Jobs:
Summer Jobs 1
Summer Jobs 2
Summer Jobs 3
Summer Jobs 4
Summer Jobs 5
Summer Jobs 6

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