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 Learn more about the United States with these online games:

 Geography USA Games

 Place state shapes in the correct spot in the USA map or place the name of the state in the correct place (Ben's Guide)

 United States geography, population, environment (EduPlace)

 U.S. presidents and first ladies (The White House)

 Central Intelligence Agency online games (CIA)

 Federal Bureau of Investigation online games (FBI)

 federalreserve education.org games and simulations

 The history of flight quiz - Wright Brothers (NASA)

 Learn more about the world with these online games:

 Where's That: World geography games (FunBrain)

 Geographical Superlatives (FactMonster)

 Continents game, countries game, states and provinces game (National Geographic)

 Geography Quizzes (Dave Sperling's ESL Quiz Center)

 Choose the right orbit for the planet (NASA)

 The Earth 250 million years ago (NASA)

 Connect the stars to draw constellations (NASA)

 Name this Solar System object (Space Telescope Science Institute)

 Quizzes about earthquakes (U.S. Geological Survey)

 Energy Quiz (California Energy Commission)

 Chemical elements games

 Improve or test your English:

 Paint by Idioms: English idioms games (FunBrain)

 The Plural Girls: Plurals games (FunBrain)

 Differences between British English and American English spelling

 Idioms Quizzes (Dave Sperling's ESL Quiz Center)

 Business English Exercises (Pearson Brown)

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